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Grievances and Grievance Procedure

Although we strive to maintain a medically professional and compliant atmosphere, issues may arise. The Patient Grievance is a means for inquiring into an issue raised by the patient or patron, looking at the issue from all perspectives and identifying whether any action can be taken to resolve identified problems and prevent recurrence.

In short, when a compliant has been made, the Facility representative (Administrator) records the conversation on a Grievance Report followed by a prompt investigation. Every effort is made for prompt resolution. All communication and documentation will be maintained with the Grievance Report.

Any patient and/or support person, visitor, employee, physician, or vendor may lodge a grievance using the Center’s procedure as a formal means to voice complaints, resolve disputes concerning staff actions or procedures, or bring attention to possible violations of patient rights.

No person shall be punished or retaliated against for using the Patient Grievance Procedure. Patients are encouraged to use the grievance procedures as a formal and appropriate way to express their concerns or complaints to staff and resolve disputes, instead of relying on inappropriate, acting out behaviors.

We encourage your input regarding Thomas Johnson Surgery Center. Any grievances, comments and complaints will be addressed by the Administrator. Complete details and a copy of the Center’s Grievance Policy and Procedure as well as a Grievance Form may be obtained by contacting the Center. Please see a representative of the center and/or request to address the administrator directly either in person by telephone or in writing. If in writing please send to:

Thomas Johnson Surgery Center
197 Thomas Johnson Drive
Frederick, MD 21702

You may obtain additional information and also file a complaint to the State of Maryland:

Office of Health Care Quality
Spring Grove Hospital Center
Bland Bryant Building
55 Wade Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228
http://dhmh.maryland.gov/ohcq/SitePages/Complaint Form.aspx

www.medicare.gov on the web or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227)